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Articles, Reviews, Readings, and Changes

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No frills post here, but before I go into a barrage of self-promo, I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who has supported and encouraged me this year.  2011 was off-the-charts, and was so due to friends old and new, so Happy Holidays friends, my glass is raised to you all.  Cheers!

I get down with Leonora Carrington over at WeirdFictionReview.com

Article:  “Down, Down, Down,” a new article about my reaction to Leonora Carrington’s “White Rabbits,” ran on WeirdFictionReview.com last week.  “White Rabbits” can be found in the beastly important WEIRD COMPENDIUM by Ann and Jeff VanderMeer. This great tome has been released in the UK, and will be available in the US next April!

Review:  The end of the year has been good to THE STEAMPUNK BIBLE.  There is a CNN Geek blog feature on Steampunk cinema featuring my co-author Jeff VanderMeer on the topic, and we’ve been in several end of the Year’s Best lists, including Barnes and Noble.  Woo!

Readings:  I am thrilled to be participating in a literary/Tally reunion with dear friends Jesse Bullington and Molly Tanzer on Tuesday, December 27th.  We will be pairing fine beers from Fermentation Lounge with our respective short stories, starting at 7 pm.  I will be reading my short story, “Dr. Lambshead’s Dark Room,” that was published earlier this year in THACKERY T. LAMBSHEAD’S CABINET OF CURIOSITIES, and because that is a short ditty, perhaps reading an older piece involving pet raptors.  It should be a very fun evening, and I hope to see all those in Tally Tally there.

Changes:  I’ve been making some changes to my life, both literary and personal, and one of those changes is that I am stepping down from my role as Senior Editor at Strange Horizons.  I will miss editing, but the Articles department staff is comprised of some of the best people in the world, and is in very good hands with Dave Nagdeman.  I wish the staff and writers at Strange Horizons the very best, and I look forward to reading them in 2012.

 Well, that’s it for now.  See you next year, every one! Cheers!


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