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Steampunk Poe

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Edgar Allan Poe, 1848 "Ultima Thule" daguerrotype

Hey, there’s a book out on Steampunk Poe!

Based on the Wired.com review, it sounds like an anthology aimed at Young Adults pairing Poe’s stories and poems with Steampunky illustrations by Zdenko Basic and Manuel Sumberac.  There’s a book trailer here.

I had heard rumors, but hadn’t actually known what it was about until my friend Rob pointed it out to me.  It looks very cool, and once I get my hands on it I’ll report back.

And, if you are curious about how Poe is Steampunk exactly, why, you are at the right blog.  I’ve been writing about Poe for several years now, especially about his influence in science fiction, and from those influences, is easily a proto-Steampunk.  Below are links to three articles dealing with those topics, and which eventually were combined and transmuted into the Origins chapter of The Steampunk Bible.

Was Poe Steampunk?, Tor.com.

What I Here Propound is True: How Science Fiction was POEned, Fantasy magazine. Which by the way, check out their very spooky new header illustration.

SF’s Founding Father Turns 200, Strange Horizons.

And if you are looking for art, there have also already been great artistic  interpretations of a Steampunk Poe like Dr. Grymm’s Edgar Allan Poe Nightmare Inducer which is currently part of the Steampunk Bizarre Exhibit at the Mark Twain House.

Speaking of proto-Steampunk, we hear a lot about Grandfathers, but what about Grandmothers?  Oh, they are there, and the Steampunk Poe guys are paying her her due too with a Steampunk: Frankenstein follow-up.  Wired.com made a great point that this is a good way to bring Poe to kiddies, which I agree whole-heartedly and am just thankful that this revamping is done via illustrations and not by trying to transpose modern trends onto the original text as has been the dreadful mash-up trends of late.


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